Galvanic coatings for
highest demands – since 1966


A new factory hall is under construction


On a new factory premises with 2200 m², a new production hall with 1850 m² is arising in which the Drollinger process engineering GmbH will offer electro plated surfaces for highest requirements.

The energy for the heating and hot water requirements of the hall and galvanizing systems will be generated from renewable raw materials (wood pellets).

  • New process for highly corrosion-resistant zinc-nickel coatings in combination with chemical nickel plating and top coat (sealing)
  • For the highest demands such as salt water resistance on base materials such as Fe, die-cast zinc, aluminium and copper alloys.
  • Laser labelling and engraving of components, serial numbers, type designations, etc.
  • 30 new jobs will be created